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9th Australian-Korean Rheology Conference

University of Sydney, Australia - 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2017

The ninth combined conference of the Australian Society of Rheology and the Korean Society of Rheology will be held at The University of Sydney, Australia from 29 November to 1 December 2017. The event will provide an international forum to showcase rheological research in Australia, Korea and the broader Pacific region. All scientists and engineers interested in rheology are invited to participate in this conference.


The AKRC will be held immediately after the Statistical Mechanics of Soft Matter Workshop (SM^2) at The University of Sydney (27 - 28 Nov 2017). Website: http://smsq.github.io/


Conference highlights:

  • ASR Medallion lecture by Prof R.R. Huilgol
  • Invited speakers from Australia and Korea


Conference themes:

  • Soft materials, colloids, and self-assembled materials
  • Emulsions, foams, powders and granular systems
  • Micro- and nano-rheology
  • Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
  • Polymers, biomaterials and biological systems
  • Rheological innovation and impact


Abstract submission:

Please submit one-page abstracts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5 pm(AEST), Friday 29 Sept 2017.


Please refer to the conference website (https://akrc2017.eventbrite.com.au) and attached Flyer for further information.

RheoScattering Workshop – Structural perspectives on complex fluids

Deakin University, Melbourne - 14th August 2017

Scattering techniques offer a statistical and non-destructive perspective on fluids as they are sheared. The purpose of this workshop is introduce non-specialists to the perspectives and possibilities of in situ characterisation of structure and dynamics using scattering and some of the facilities available for such investigations. Further details may be found on the meeting website: https://blogs.deakin.edu.au/soft-matter-scattering-workshop/2017/05/15/hello-world/.


There is also the possibility to present a poster.


Registration is free but is it is required to email the organisers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The ASR is one of the sponsors of this event.

Prof. Raja R. Huilgol awarded ASR Medallion


The ASR Council has unanimously endorsed the recommendation of the ASR Medallion sub-committee to award the Australian Society of Rheology Medallion to Prof. Raja R. Huilgol in recognition of his outstanding and meritorious contributions to the science and technology of rheology.


Prof Huilgol’s achievements include the authorship of three highly commended books on the continuum mechanics of viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials and a significant body of journal articles on a broad range of subjects related to rheology, including major contributions to the understanding of the kinematics of viscoelastic flows. He has also made significant contributions to the understanding of flows occurring in injection molding processes with benefits to Australian industry through his collaboration with Moldflow, and the reduction of grain losses due to pulverisation in silos leading to the award of the highest honour of the Mexican Society of Rheology in 2001.


Prof Huilgol’s nomination was supported in testimonials by world-leading rheologists Prof Ken Walters, Prof Roger Tanner, Prof Nhan Phan-Thien, Prof I Frigaard, Prof Tam Sridhar and Prof David Boger, which commended his contributions, from which we quote:


“He is basically a mathematician, but he certainly 'speaks the language' of his experimental colleagues! His research is therefore appreciated by a wide range of scientists.”

“In view of his devotion to Rheology, his intelligence and his continued contribution to the field, I strongly support the award of the ASR Medallion to him.”

“Raj is an original and creative thinker … he has my highest regard in the recommendation of an ASR Medallion.”

“His body of outstanding work has significantly advanced our understanding of theoretical Rheology.”

“Raj is a leading Rheologist in the Australian scene and has a huge international reputation due to his continuing contribution.”

“Raj is an international scholar highly regarded in the Rheological community. This award is a "slam dunk".”


Congratulations to Prof Huilgol.

ASR member become SoR Fellow

Professor Tam Sridhar

Professor Tam Sridhar, the Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Monash University, has been made a Fellow of The Society of Rheology, USA.


Sridhar has made many profound and lasting contributions to the field of rheology, of which the most significant contribution is the development of the filament-stretching rheometer for measuring the extensional properties of solutions. The filament stretching rheometer has undoubtedly been of crucial importance for the advancement of rheology in the last two decades. Since extensional flows are a rigorous probe of differences in material response, the filament stretching rheometer has emerged as a fundamental tool in evaluating the validity of theories for solution rheology. In particular, fundamental progress in our understanding of the rheological behaviour of polymer solutions and melts has largely been driven by experimental observations obtained with the filament stretching rheometer.


Sridhar has been involved with the Australian Society of Rheology from its earliest days, and has played a significant part in nurturing the community of rheologists in Australia. He was the founding co-editor of the Korea-Australia Rheology Journal.


Sridhar is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK) and the Australian Academy of Science. He was selected among the 100 most influential engineers in Australia by Engineers Australia, 2004- 2006. He was made an Honorary Fellow and awarded the GP Kane Award by the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. He was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal for service to Australian society and science and the ESSO Energy Award for outstanding contribution in the field of chemical engineering. In 2004, he was Chair of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (Australia). In 2012, he was made an Officer in the Order of Australia (AO) for his distinguished service to tertiary education, particularly the discipline of chemical engineering, and to the forging of international strategic educational relationships.


The award of a fellowship is a fitting recognition of the lasting impact Sridhar has made to the field of rheology, on the international rheological community, and to the advancement of science in Australia.


The ASR congratulates Professor Tam Sridhar on his appointment.

Chemeca 2017 Conference

Melbourne, Australia. 23–26 July 2017

Chemeca 2017 will be held in Melbourne (23-26 July 2017) in conjuction with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Congress (23-28 July 2017). The event will be a gathering of chemical engineers and industrial chemists who will showcase innovative research and technology and provide inspiration for creating new opportunities to address future challenges. 


The conference will have a Rheology sub-theme under Research & Innovation.


As part of RACI's centenary celebration, Chemeca 2017 will be held in conjunction with eight other conferences. Registering for any one conference will provide access to all conferences at no extra cost.


Please refer to the conference website for further information and registration: http://www.racicongress.com/Chemeca2017/index.php

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