Slurry Pipelines Summit — free ticket

The ASR has one complimentary pass to the Slurry Pipelines Summit, which will be awarded to a WA-based ASR member.

The winner must have their primary work or residential address in WA.
The winner must be an ASR member (full or postgraduate) with financials up-to-date as of August 22nd.

The candidate's entry must consist of up to 250 words explaining why the candidate would benefit from attending the summit.
The entry must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by close of business on August 22nd.

The winner commits to attend the summit and write an article about the summit for the bulletin.

The winner may be asked to give a short presentation about ASR (notes will be provided). 
The winner is determined at the judges' sole discretion.

Seminar by Prof. R. K. Prud'homme

Prof. Robert K. Prud'homme (Princeton) will be presenting a seminar on the topic
Scaleable Polymeric Nanoparticle Formation for Multifunctional Drug Delivery & Imaging
at Monash University, on Thursday, 01 August 2013, at 15:00 to 16:00.  This will be held in Room S1, Building 25, at the Clayton campus. 

We have developed a block-copolymer-directed, kinetically-controlled self-assembly process called Flash NanoPrecipitation (FNP) to produce 50-400 nm nanoparticles. The process involves controlling micromixing to effect supersaturations as high as 10,000 in 1.5 ms, and then controlling nucleation and growth rates to match block copolymer assembly rates. The rapid assembly enables the encapsulation of multiple drugs and imaging agents into the same nanoparticle, and the production of multivalent targeted nanoparticles. The flexibility of the assembly process enables the preparation of imaging nanoparticles based on various modalities:
1.    Fluorescent imaging of new hydrophobic long wavelength dyes that have exceptional photostability and are non-quenching, which enables high fluorophore loading. They reside in the core of the nanoparticle and are therefore unaffected by the biological environment, and do not contribute to surface recognition artifacts that may affect most surface-functionalized fluorphors.
2.    MRI imaging where the co-encapsulation of SPIO magnetic nanoparticles and therapeutic agents enables into the same nanocarrier enables MRI contrast equivalent to commercial MRI agents, which can not simultaneously delivery therapeutics.
3.    Up Converting Phosphors (UCPs) that enable both deep optical penetration of tissue and co-delivery of agents for photodynamic therapy.
The uniqueness of the process is that this wide range of therapeutic and imaging nanoparticles can be prepared using the same platform, and that the process is scaleable from the laboratory to large-scale production.

Invitation to attend Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student Conference

Postgraduate students are invited to attend the 29th ACSSSC, in February 2014: 

As some of you are aware, the bi-annual Australian Colloid and Surface Science Student Conference is being held next year at the University of Ballarat, Mt. Helen Campus from Feb 3-7, 2014.
This conference has a more than 40 year history where postgraduate students of colloid and surface science have an opportunity to present and discuss their research in an informal, supportive and friendly atmosphere. In the last ten years, the topics covered in this conference have expanded into the biological areas and many different aspects of nanotechnology. Many of these topics also have direct relationships to suspension and polymer rheology.
Please find a promotion slide as a ppt or pdf to circulate to your colleagues and students. Abstract submission closes on November 29th. You can find more information on the conference at: http://colloid-oz.org.au/acsssc/.
Looking forward to seeing you and your students in February.
Kind Regards, Ray Dagastine & Anthony Stickland (conference chairs)

Abstract deadline for KARC extended

The deadline for submission of abstracts to the 7th Korean–Australian Rheology Conference has been extended until 22 August 2013.  Those interested are urged to make best use of this opportunity. 

13 November 2013:  ASR seminar in Melbourne

On Wednesday the 13th of November, 2013, the next instalment of our seminar series will be held at Swinburne University of Technology (Hawthorn campus), Melbourne, which will comprise lectures from Prof. John Sader (U. Melb.) and Ms. Hui-En Teo (U. Melb.).
Contact Prof. Billy Todd for enquiries. 
PDF: Announcement, map & abstracts.

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